Franke Just Gymit was linked to Natalie Tewa and Michele Ntalami after his breaking up with Maureen Waititu.

Ironically, Maureen considers the two ladies her close friends so this would just be heavy betrayal in as much they were rumors.

He addressed the rumors saying that not every woman he talks to or posts pictures with has a thing with him and specifically Natalie Tewa. He said the rumors were stretched too far. Read it all below:

Rnaze kuja uskie udaku! Is Frankie Just Gymit dating Natalie Tewa?

Well after this caption by Natalie Tewa, seems things are different kwa ground. She said,

casually chilling with my co-wife haha. Y’all decided for us

She posted the picture with Maureen Waititu when they attended the Clinique Even Tone event.

I would really love to see what Maureen and Frankie had to say about this but based on the picture, it is evident that Maureen and Natalie do not have any form of bad blood.

They may not be friends but they are cordial with each other and that’s okay.

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