Ephy Saint seems to be slowly coming back into the limelight after his dirty linen was aired in public by his baby mama, Chantelle Petite.

In her story, there was always a mention of a certain girl who came between her relationship with Ephy and a source revealed that it could have been Brenda Wairimu.

Neither of the parties has confirmed these rumors but the pictures they have been posting on social media of the two of them seem to be telling another story.

Ephy constantly posts pictures of the two looking a bit too cozy with such lovely captions. Here are a few samples of three different captions in different posts.

1.may I always make you this happy, heck even half as happy

2.Lakini hapa watamanisha sana , kamtamanisha  sana. 

3.Watch the love story unfold 

4.take care of those who matter to you

Chantelle Petit is also on a road to recovery and from her recent pictures, all is well. She even started a YouTube channel where she hosts mothers who have gone through serious trauma while giving birth.

Her experience was one traumatic one but she chooses to help other mothers go through the process peacefully as it is also therapy for her.

Brenda and Juliani were on Kenya’s top list of power couples until things went down the drain. None of them have ever spoken about what really led to their breakup. Juliani has constantly said that their relationship was no one’s business.

Chantelle Petite and Ephy Saint have made up (Photo Evidence)

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