This time she’s here for her haters…as usual, and critics with a couple of swear words.

She shared the photo with the words, “To whom it may concern…if you don’t know me, nor have genuine care nor genuine interest in me. Don’t mention my name nor make friends with my don’t know what I been through. #Mayyourwordschokeyou.


‘Don’t break my heart’ gave Morgan her first true break, and that skyrocketed into this. She quickly switched things up with the single ‘I’m taken’, and scored another great jam in ‘German Juice’.

‘I’m taken’ and ‘German juice’ are Cynthia Morgan’s biggest songs. These songs, brilliant and accepted, blew her profile, and made her become a force in the industry.

But things haven’t been so well with the singers methods. The most damning move of all was the singer’s controversial photo promotion for ‘Baby mama’ which earned her a lot of criticism.


Known for her controversial posts, song covers and reactions, Cynthia also takes time out to reply critics and trolls and she’s back!

Lord knows we’ve missed those epic clap backs! Welcome back Cynthia…welcome back!