Mayonde and Trina have decided to give us a big tune on the first day of the month of love.

The two have amazing chemistry and they decided to come together on this one track.

In an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, Mayonde says it’s about time ladies came out to celebrate their sexuality and sensuality without fear.

Lately, I have been feeling a bit sexy but its all to celebrate sexuality and sensuality because as women we are not allowed to, yet men can do it all the time.

One thing Mayonde and Trina wanted to clarify is that they are not a girl group. They just decided to work together because they have amazing chemistry from their days at Coke Studio as background vocalists.

We decided to work together because during our time at coke studio we realized that we work together so well so why not.

In their new video, Trina confesses that they are wearing almost nothing in the video and that was a bit weird for them because being naked when alone is normal but in front of people, it gets weird.

we are wearing close to nothing in the video and  the first time was weird but we got used to being naked in front of people, lights and cameras.

The video is a project they promise we will love and from the audio that was exclusively played on Kiss FM, the song is going to be a banger.

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At exactly noon, the song will be on YouTube and team mafisi can thirst on the pretty girls.

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