Singer Mbosso unveiled his new car, a Toyota land-cruiser Prado to the public.

But fans weren’t convinced that this was indeed his car.

It will be remembered that during Tanasha’s brithday, Diamond bought her together with the mum similar cars.

It seems like Mbosso has inherited Tanasha’s car, he went ahead and denied the rumours, in an interview with Wasafi media.

He said,

I was told, if I’m not keen, my car will be seen to be that of Tanasha’s. This is my car that I started the year with. 

The ‘Hodari’ hitmaker then showed receipts of ownership to the car. I mean fans should just cut him some slack and let the man enjoy his success.

Speaking about her car, Tanasha told True Love Magazine that she isn’t worried about it as she has many her car in the garage

The car is in Tanzania. I had no interest in taking it. I have my car here. I have my BMW actually its in the garage. I can get myself a car and what I need,that’s all that matters

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