He leads a pretty low key life, unlike many other celebrities, but today he makes it as our Man Crush Monday.

ALLY Saleh Kiba, alias Ali kiba is a Tanzanian Bongo artists whose hit music has hit a note with many Kenyans.

Ali Kiba was recently signed up to be managed by Kenya’s Rabbit King Kaka ‘s company.

Ali Kiba’s new single Chekecha Cheketua is currently hitting the airwaves, after the success of hit other hit single Mwana.

His most popular song in Kenya has been Cinderella’ which he released several years back and the lyrics surely caught the attention of many.

Rather than talk too much, have a look at this delicious piece of eye candy.

Ai Kiba 1 Ali Kiba 2 Ali Kiba 3 Ali Kiba 4 Ali Kiba 5 Ali Kiba 8