We have many Kenyan celebs who are not ashamed they started in the hood. From Khali, Octo  to Timmy T Dat, I have compiled a list of those who always want to put their hoods on the map.

Some celebrities even go to the extent of putting the name of their hoods in their lyrics. Even some international celebrities like Kanye West have shown how they are proud of where they are from by naming his third born child Chicago.

Bahati – Mathare EstateBahati

In every interview, gospel artist Bahati and the ‘Being Bahati’ reality star always mentions that he was raised in Mathare slum in Eastlands area of Nairobi city.

Mr. Seed – Huruma Estate

The gospel artist who is behind the song ‘pull up’ made it clear he is from Huruma estate in his song ‘Kumbe kumbe’ featuring Bahati. A sample of lyrics in the song says ‘Nilizaliwa Huruma na place nimefika ni neema na huruma’

Khaligraph Jones – Kayole Estate

Khaligraph Jones the OG always mentions his hood Kayole in almost every song he does and in all the interview he goes to. He dedicated the song ‘KasaYole’ to his hood meaning Kasabun and Kayole which he featured fellow rapper Timmy T Dat.

Timmy T Dat – Kasabun

He is one of the vibrant artists who always like to mention Kasabun in every song he does . In his popular song ‘Kitambo’ he recalls his humble beginning.

Octoppizo – Kibera

Octoppizo represents his hood quite well – from his stage name to calling himself number nane mentioning his hood in his songs and when he had haircut with number eight design. He is on the move to eradicate poverty in the slums and he always ensures to make people have a positive vybe about Kibera through his music.

DJ Soxxy – Uhuru Estate

‘The Switch,’ host DJ Soxxy was raised in Uhuru Estate in Eastlands. He is so proud of his grass to grace story and frequently shares funny childhood moments on the switch.

Kenrazy – Jericho Estate


The rapper was born in Jericho Estate, where most musicians love to shoot their videos, for instance ‘Kuzitoka’ by Moji ShortBabaa and ‘Pare pare’ song by Jagede and Rankaddah which was partly shot in Uhuru estate.

Tunji – Rongai Estate  He is one of fast rising rappers in the music game right now, who decided to get in the music industry by introducing where he comes from in his song ‘Mat za Ronga’ and for sure who will not agree that Mat za Ronga ni zii. He praised his route matatus from everything that makes Rongai matatus stand out from the other Nairobi matatus.

Moji Short Babaa – Kawangware

Gospel artist Moji ShortBabaa of music group Kelele Takatifu, comes from Kawangware. He shares this message in the ‘Hajawahi Niangusha’ song, a collabo with Guardian Angel and DK Kwenye Beat, where he mentioned in his lyrics that he was born in Ongwaro meaning Kawangware.

Stone Jiwe – Kangemi

He is one of the best gospel artists in Kenya-cum- professional dancer who represents route 23 ( Kangemi). He always mentions his route number in his songs, for instance in the collabo with Mayonde called ‘Nairobi’ which puts almost all the Nairobi Estates on the map.