Let’s shake things up this dull Monday with our list of the richest male artists that mafisilets will thirst on.


Some of those on the list are known to be wealthy, go through.



Who doesn’t know Prezzo -the King of bling. He does not only have his own property and all the flashy things, he also inherited some his fathers property adding up to what he has worked for. You can say prezzo was a rich kid and will forever be a rich kid.

Sauti sol

Since their debut in the music industry with their hit song ‘Java’, this boy band has not given fans time to breath, releasing hit after hit. They are popular worldwide, and even entertained former US President Barrack Obama. How ’bout dat? Their collabo’s has seen them nominated in multiple awards. How wouldn’t they add mulla in their bank account.


Charles Njagua Kanyi better known as Jaguar is one artist known to be swimming in money and living a lifestyle that is un imaginable to some people. His flashy cars and fashionable clothes is evident of his wealth. He has lots a lot of collaborations across the African borders and he is a true definition a self made person.


He is one of the male rap artists in Kenya and pioneers in the music industry . His popular hits like ‘we kamu’, ‘hfurahi day’ play in clubs among other places. Nonini is one artist who is rich but does not like bragging or showing off. How can one brag if he knows he paved the way for the current crop of Kenyan rap artists and still remains relevant?


His story of from grass to grace is well known. Kibera born rapper Number Nane shots most of his videos abroad, this doesn’t come cheap. He works with the UN refugee commission, earning a pretty penny. He inspires many.

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