Comedian Njugush is having a tough time accepting that his wife has a major crush on Nyashinski.

We’ve seen this before, he has complained about this severally. Njugush said that his wife loves Willy Paul’s music and Nyashinski’s look, and it hurts him.

She does not hide it from me

Njugush and Celestine

Celestine defended herself, saying she has feelings and a heart despite being married.

“Me loving you does not mean that I can’t love someone else”, she said

He should cut his wife Celestine some slack because he also has a major celebrity crush, Avril.

“My celebrity crush is Avril,”The comedian said 

Njugush and Celestine

Celestine sent a shoutout to the Kitoko hitmaker, saying her husband is seriously crushing on her. But she doesn’t have a problem. Funny thing, she wants them to be friends.

Avril, we need to hook up and I don’t have a problem but yours is serious, we can be ‘boyz’.

‘I am sorry’ Njugush forced to apologize after being kicked out by wife

Hey at least they were honest with each other it didn’t come as a shock. We have heard of cases in the entertainment industry in the states and those crushes never end well because there is always some cheating involved.