Media personality Betty Opondo is mourning the sudden death of her son, Tevin.

According to Betty, Tevin was taken ill for two weeks, was treated and later discharged feeling better.

Today morning, she took to social media to announce that her son collapsed while watching cartoon on TV and died.

“Do people die like that?” Betty asked.

Adding, “Just the other day you told me ‘Mum I am soo okey’. How do people just collapse and die watching TV (Nickledeon), na remote kwa mkono!!! (with the remote still in your hand).”

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Mourning, Betty could not believe that her son is no more. In the Facebook post she wrote, “I am trying to get a better picture of you Tevin. I am too weak to go through my pictures…..asleep or dead??… Am I dreaming? You were only sick for 2 weeks in December, recovered and went back to school… What happened??….wake up n explain to me. ‘My baby, my handsome… our ‘pet’,… jaber kanyako, Nyathina (my child as beautiful as a girl).”

Stunned, Betty concluded:

“Babana (My father)…my baby unafanya nini mortuary (what are you doing in the mortuary?), your phone is off… Uko mteja, who switched it off?? God’s will?? N0000, niambieni kitu ingine!!!! How!”

We the family send out condolences to Betty at this trying times.

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