The year began with a tighter love bond in the Bahati household.

We were all sure the two have been married for a year now, but on 31st, Bahati shocked his fans and his girlfriend after he went down on one knee and proposed to Diana Marua in front of a massive crowd.

This trend was started last year by King Kaka after he proposed to his long-term girlfriend and baby mama, Nana Owiti at the end of his album launch.

It was an aww moment for many women who wish to have a proper engagement that will actually leave them surprised.

All along, Bahati has been planning his big surprise in front of thousands of people during the show in Thika Municipal Stadium event on the 31st of December 2018.

In as much it was cute, many people were left wondering what is going on. Weren’t the two married? Didn’t we see Diana Marua and Bahati dressed in traditional attire worn during traditional weddings?

We still do not know what is happening and what that meant because Bahati has not come out to speak about his plans but in his silence, trolls have not stopped talking. All they are saying is, get a creative way to propose to your girlfriend.

Mwalimu Racheal who is married had her take on the same. Basically, stop copying. Step up and get creative. All women want is an aha moment when it comes to a proposal.

She said:

please do not propose to her on stage. everyone is now going to say you know what? aii sasa unacopy king kaka vile alifanya.achana nayo get creative there are so many ways to propose to a woman. i hope i don’t sound bitter

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So dear artistes, let us look for creative ways this 2019, we want something to write about that is unique.

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