Dickens Waga
Dickens Waga

May Dickens Waga, 21, rest in peace. Gone too soon.

He wanted to be a movie star.

And was about to be admitted into the University of Nairobi. But Dickens was felled by police bullets at the Kariobangi South roundabout bridge on Tuesday, police described them as gangsters.

Dickens was in the company of two other young men, Jeff Opiyo, 23 and Elvis Ogeda, 21.

Damaris Muga has penned a tribute post for Dickens who was pals with her brother.

She wrote: “This is Dickens Waga. The day my bro walked with him and a bunch of other kids to take these photos at le Hut, I saw him and thought what a beautiful beautiful child, he was so excited about life, and a boy loved the camera and the camera loved him. And he loooved my dogs!! He wanted to be a movie star!!

Gunned down yesterday him and his friend. Just sprayed the kids with bullets.

Am Shattered.”

Meanwhile, Dicken’s dad claims the cops’ version of the shooting incident does not make sense.

Erick Waga, Dicken’s dad told SDE, he could not understand how his son ended up dying in the hands of police when he was about to report to the University of Nairobi where he’s a student.

Waga, a mechanic, said his son, with whom they lived in Kariobangi South, had never been involved in any crime in the past and it was possible the incident was a case of mistaken identity or blackmail. He said his son’s friend, Jeff, who is a neighbour and was shot alongside him, arrived at his home at around 1pm on the fateful Tuesday before the two left in a saloon car that was later established to have been driven by their friend Elvis.

Elvis’ father said his son had been working as a driver for his neighbour and was assigned to take a child to and from a school in Buruburu.

“Elvis came home in the morning after taking the child to school and washed the car. At around 1pm, he drove out. It was not until 7pm that his boss came to my house seeking to know his whereabouts,” said Tom Ogeda, Elvis’s father, “His employer showed us photos on Facebook asking us if Elvis could be among those killed. We saw and we were convinced it was him and we went to Buruburu Police Station to report.”

Since then, they have been taken round in circles and no proper information has been forwarded to the family about the crime the three boys committed or who they perpetrated it on.

Here are his photos…

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