At exactly 1.04pm on the 14th of August Bahati and Diana Marua welcomed their newborn son, Majesty at RFH Healthcare.

Bahati was the first one to announce this amazing news he even took us around the hospital room where Majesty was born.

Just hours old he is already a brand ambassador to the hospital he was born in. Interesting fact, Bahati’s two children were both born on the same day, the 14th.

Diana then took to social media to announce that the baby who weighs 3.5kgs has been born and she is thankful to God for the blessing and welcoming him to the world.

‘I told you I’ll make changes in this house’ Diana Marua shocks Bahati

They call me Mama Morgan, Mama Heaven and Today, My King has been Born 💃 Wednesday 14. 08. 2019 at @RFH_healthcare at exactly 1:04 pm MAJESTY [email protected]👑 weighing 3.5kgs 😍 GLORY TO GOD 🙏 WELCOME @MajestyBahati

Meet Majesty Bahati:

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