Jennifer Wairimu

The gracious miss Lamu is the definition of beauty and brains all in one. The ever so lovely 23 year old God fearing Jennifer Wairimu is a model and the current miss Lamu Kenya.

Before she entered the modeling scene, she organised events such as the Chapati Forum and Dance with Disability event. These events were aimed at supporting the crippled, children’s homes and the elderly in Lamu county.

I have great love for my county as well as a passion to help,” miss Lamu stated. She further went on and said, “This year I am raising awareness for people to grow trees as the climate has drastically changed. We used to have hot and wet climate but now its just hot and dry. I have already started the journey through the Lamu go green initiative with the aim of planting 150 trees. I also find it necessary to promote the boy child as the girls have been given too much attention lately that I feel the boy child is being left out,” she continued as she addressed the issues she felt needed to be looked into urgently. 


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With a passion for journalism, Miss Lamu is currently studying Mass Communication at Mt. Kenya University and mentored young girls in modelling. Not once did she ever think of perusing modeling herself as a career but when the opportunity arose, she jumped in with both feet. “I was always photogenic growing up however my modelling career started in June 2016 when I was selected as miss tourism Kenya Lamu county.”

Modeling is a career that can easily sway young girls who haven’t really figured out who they are as a person. Most young girls use implants to make their bodies more attractive and post almost nude pictures just to get followers on social media,” miss Lamu explained. “I think we were all created beautiful and I feel that girls should embrace their bodies and how they look because the are so beautiful just the way God made them,” she further elaborated.



Aside from being Miss Lamu, the beautiful God fearing model is happily engaged and is expecting to be married some time soon in the near future. “I love swimming as it is my most favorite thing to do. Once upon a time I loved singing too. I actually released my first song in 2008 after my class 8 primary level called peace with producer Kikapu from Lamu county,” she said laughing while remembering that moment in her life. “I also did a collabo with Mr. Vibes in a song called Dushelele as well as 8 other songs of which some I sang in french,” she added as she explained how the music was lost and only manged to release two songs.

I couldn’t pursue music because when I joined high school, I was appointed the Christian Union Chair lady. I couldn’t quite sing the circular music that I was into at the time while I was the head of the ministry however, I still love music so much,” she added. “My parents have always been supportive of me and I love them so much as they are my best friends,” she mentioned as she talked about the reason as to why she has made it so far. She concluded by advising girls to be themselves and appreciate what they have.