Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz have hidden the face of their two-month-old son, Naseeb Junior from their followers.

The innocent boy found himself in fame and so much attention. We as social media in-laws have waited to see his face especially after this parents revealed his name, Naseeb Junior.

The wait is over. We were waiting for November the 26th, the day they celebrate 40 days since his birth in the hope we will see his face. Well, the gods are on our side because a photo of the gorgeous boy has leaked.

Naseeb Junior is definitely Diamond’s son because he looks just like his brother, Prince Nillan.

Diamond and Tanasha’s son, celebrates 40 days

Diamond’s sister had mentioned that the baby looks like him especially the ears and it is no doubt her words were true because this boys nose and mouth are exactly like Diamond’s.

I am sure Tanasha is not happy with the fact that her son’s face has been leaked but now that she is part of the Dangote family, she should just get used to such things.

Naseeb Junior spends his first day at the WCB studio’s

So in case, you will not be part of the chosen few to attend Naseeb’s 4oth birthday so that he a glimpse of his face, worry not because Kiss100 has made your trip to Tanzania unnecessary.

Meet Naseeb Junior:

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