Elodie Zone and former President Kibaki’s grandson made headlines last year after their break. Just like any other kid, they took to social media to announce their break up, but there was some exchange of words before everything cooled down.


These are intelligent kids, so don’t expect them to throw shade like most Kenyans. They wrote quotes that were quite evident targeted at each other.

Sean Andrew’s Ex Elodie Finally Gives Her Version Of Their Split

Elodie cleared the air later on during an interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast With the Stars show.


Just recently, Sean took to social media to write that he knows Elodie deserves him and he deserves her too. Well, he didn’t mention her name but it seemed like the post was meant for her.

Kibaki’s Grandson Jots Down A Beautiful Message. Is it Meant For His Ex Elodie?

Elodie has gone ahead to reveal the one ninja who was by her side and gave her a  shoulder to lean  on when things were tough for a while. While wishing him a happy birthday she stated that he guided her, made her laugh and helped her move on. This guy is none other that Deejay Kace (The African Mzungu).


She said, “Sending my love to the craziest DJ the 254 has. Kace, have an amazing birthday! I see you flexing with the new phone😎 you deserve it and the world! Last year I went through a lot and without your advice I don’t think I would have gotten through it. You guided me, made me laugh and have helped me move like 100 times🤣 You’ve become one of my closest friends and I want you to know I’ve got you 100! I owe you Java and give Shaggy an avocado for me 🙂 Happy birthday to The African Muzungu!”

Check out the ninja below;