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Meet The Handsome Man Behind A-list Kenyan Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Slahver Lwangu aka Slahver is Public Relations manager for most musicians and also a DJ. He owns Black Wings PR which is a marketing, distribution and publishing agency.

He started managing talents as a hobby. In 2015, when he was having a meeting with award winning producer R Kay and Nameless, they pushed him to start managing young talent since he had the connections and ability.

He manages big celebrities like Nameless, Wahu, Jua Kali, Vivian, Wyre, Naiboi, Romy Jons and many other big artists.

Here are some of his photos;

Slahver Slahver Slahver

Slahver Slahver

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Slahver Slahver

Slahver Slahver SlahverSlahver Slahver

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