Entrepreneurship is the go to venture for many youth. Ladies venturing in it have set an incredibly great example in the business environment.

They have inspired young girls with ambitions and have also become a driving force to others who want to be entrepreneurs.

On this article, the focus will majorly be on Kenyan lady entrepreneurs in the make up industry and what they have to offer Kenya and beyond our borders.

Without a doubt, the rate of make-up uptake in the Kenyan market is on a high. The ladies have created strong and dependable brands that makes them stand out.

1. Suzie Beauty

Suzie Wokabi is the founder and owner of the first Kenyan line of cosmetics, Suzie Beauty.

It is an award wining beauty brand that was formed in 2012 with the aim of embracing African women.

Ever since, it’s been growing across borders and introducing different products including foundation, lipsticks, loose powder, lip-gloss and her latest a range of skin care products.

Suzie Wokabi; Founder of Suzie Beauty
Suzie Wokabi; Founder of Suzie BeautyPauline Cosmetics

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2. Pauline Cosmetics.

Nelly Tuikong is the executive director and founder of Pauline Cosmetics, the second Kenyan cosmetic company that provides make-up products created specifically for the African woman.
Their products range from lipsticks, eye-shadow, mascara, compressed powder, make up brushes and the newest product foundation ‘My Colour’.
Nelly Tuikong; Pauline Cosmetics founder
Nelly Tuikong; Pauline Cosmetics founder

3. Huddah Cosmetics

Socialite Huddah Monroe has also joined this industry by giving life to spirited African women who love colourful and bold make up.
Her products range from colorful lipstick shades to eye shadow palate and eyeliner.
Huddah has also ventured into a cloth-line “REBEL” and has ventured into various markets outside Kenya.


Huddah Monroe owner of Huddah Cosmetics
Huddah Monroe owner of Huddah Cosmetics
Matte Lipstick by Kiss FM’s breakfast presenter Adelle Onyango is the business. The lippie was produced in conjuction with Pauline cosmetics.
Girrlll the shade is a bomb, we love it & cant wait for more.
Adelle Onyango
Adelle Onyango

5. Lintons Beauty World

Owned and founded by Dr. Joyce Gikunda, Lintons is an East Africa make up distributor/ retailer company that stocks different make up products by different companies.

Some of the top notch international brands include; Clinique, Mac, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clarins, Nimue (cosmeceutical range), Elizabeth Arden, Black Up, Black Opal, Barans from Turkey among others.

Dr.Joyce Gikunda; Lintons Beauty World owner.

Dr. Joyce is currently a finalist in this year’s All Africa Business Leadership Awards #AABLA2018.

She’s up for Businesswoman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the year 2018!!  Help us congratulate her and wish her the very best!

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