Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee served us couple goals on social media before their silent breakup.

He said it was the one relationship in his life that was both sweet and sour. Juma Jux has revealed one thing about his very painful breakup with Vanessa Mdee.

Their relationship was so public, but the breakup was so painful that the two are not the ones who announced the breakup. Vannesa’s sister, Mimi Mars blurted it out in an interview.


Vanessa Mdee had traveled and I was looking at her pictures on Instagram. I saw a picture she took with Ice Prince and there are people I had sat with I can’t mention who. They asked me what kind of pictures are these people are taking yes there is art but this one is too much. There were also some stories about Trey Songz but I understood it was all about music.

So I texted her, ‘What is this, delete it.’ She asked me ‘What is wrong with the picture I am just performing.’ Based on people’s words, it made me question my trust in her and I told her it is not a good picture and this is what caused a big fight between us.

I was so angry and jealous and then I panicked. Which led me to tell Vanessa to go get another boyfriend. Out of anger, I did not mean it. She was so disappointed wondering she is doing her job.

Vanessa wanted to teach me a lesson. I missed her and texted her but no response for over two days so I decided to physically look for her. I found her and she told me ‘don’t play with my feelings it is over!’

To be honest, what I did was extreme and it was not right. That was the main cause of your breakup. We went for more than eight months without talking.

In the interview, you could tell he regrets overthinking and overreacting because of that picture yet he knows how the entertainment game is because he is in it.

‘It was a relationship that hurt so much’ Jux opens up about relationship with Vanessa

Well, Jux has moved on and he is dating an Asian lady whom he flaunts all over social media which shows he is very happy.

Meet Ice Prince:


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