Nviiri The Storyteller is one of the fastest rising stars under the care and management of Sauti Sol.

He has since released two songs under Sol Generation and they are all about his love for women. His first one, Pombe Sigara was about how he is addicted to the women and his second one Overdose is his confession that he has had too much of women.

So who is the inspiration behind Nviiri’s songs? During an event, we noticed a gorgeous babe who was walking alongside the singer all through.

And when the music was a little slower, she was there dancing on him and their relationship looked a bit too close. Not a platonic friendship.

Extravaganza: Meet the new faces of Sauti Sol’s, Sol Generation

A source who knows the two very well whispered to us that she is the woman who has captured his heart. Her name was withheld but from his social media, we got a few pictures of the two together.

Meet Nviiri’s babe:

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