Meet The Women’s Rep Who Was Once A SEXY Video Vixen (VIDEO)

This is not only a shocker but also one of the craziest TBTs I have seen for the longest time ever.

I came across a video of a woman representative in a Kikuyu love ballad song by John De’Mathew dubbed Njata Yakwa. What caught my attention was the video vixen who is the Murang’a women’s rep Sabina Chege, obviously one of the outgoing female politicians we have in the country.

Sabina was once a presenter at Coro FM’s breakfast show and also acted at The Kenya National theatre. Let’s just say, this was the time she landed this deal with this legend of Kikuyu songs.

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In the video, Sabina is seen holding hands and slowly moving to the beats of the song that describes how De’Mathew loves this star of his.

In the chorus the artiste says;

“You are my star,my rib, others are useless. My happiness is only with you.”

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At some point Mathew is seen giving her an emotional peck. It’s quite evident that Sabina knows how to hustle. Other hustles Sabina has done are being a Business Development Manager of World space Africa, Founder & Director of The Sabina Wanjiru Foundation and was once a controller of Commercial Radio Services of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

The one who said “Kazi Ni Kazi” was never wrong. Check out the song this women’s rep was once featured in as a video vixen;

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