By now you all know that Zari Hassan is in Tanzania for a charity event.

It has now emerged that she tagged her boyfriend along. His identity has been revealed.

King Bae’s name is Prince Micky Mill. That is why Zari calles herself Mrs M.

Micky Mill posted a photo of himself at a high end hotel in Dar es Salaam with the caption:

“Don’t support me when I die, if you weren’t supporting me when I was alive.”

The post also calls out people who give out fake love.

Zari may have panicked when the instagram-in-laws caught wind of that.

So to throw off everyone, she posted a screenshot of her facetiming “King Bae” who is supposedly in South Africa with her children.

Zari gushed, “We appreciate you so much. Taking care of the kids while I am away and all. I love you. I found myself a jewel. Can’t wait to see you.”

Check out the screenshot.

Well, that same evening, King Bae, Micky Mill posted an Instastory with Zari in it. They look like they are having a drink at the rooftop of the hotel in Dar es Salaam.

Check out the screen grab of the Insta story.

So, does Diamond the king lion of Dar es Salaam know that King Bae is in his backyard?