Men, did you know that Accessories have the power to radically transform your outfit?

Admittedly, when it comes to accessories for men, they don’t really have as much choice as women. Men don’t have the endless amounts of options and styles out there to choose from. You have to make do with what is available.

The great thing is even though there are a limited amount of options, you can then make those the best that they can be. However, finishing off an outfit with the right accessories isn’t something most men take into consideration.

Use them to highlight and add style to your everyday outfits.

bag (1)Bags

Alongside the wallet, a bag is a perfect place to store all of your important items in. Never again will you find yourself without that all important phone charger. Men’s satchel bags, men’s rucksacks and men’s travel bags are all great options.

I know we are all in the technology that hate to be parted from your laptop, Right? If you are, investing in a decent bag is imperative. You may want to try out a backpack if you have items that need to be protected.

However, don’t write off carrying a holdall for a leather bag too. They’ve got more than enough space to carry your laptop, as well as all your other daily essentials.

belt Belts

The belt may seem like an essential no matter what the time of year, it’s good to have a few for different occasions. Woven belts are perfect for the warmer months as they add a casual look to any outfit and still giving you a slight formal edge to your style.

We would suggest going for a smooth leather number if you are more classically inclined. These will work better for more formal situations.

One rule that stress is that you must always match your belt with the color of your shoes. If you’re wearing a brown belt, wear brown shoes, and the same if you’re wearing a black belt. Stop color mixing.

sunglassMen’s Sunglasses

Sunglasses are cool accessories for men. While we cannot promise that our stock of sunglasses will turn you into a Hollywood movie star, we can assure you that you can select your perfect pair from some of the most famous brands around.

You will be able to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, whether you can see yourself rocking a round-frame style with colored tints, aviator sunglasses or you’re more of a classic wayfarer kind of guy.


Are you one of those who always miss deadlines or is often late for work? If so, you have  probably promised to invest in a watch to prevent situations like this reoccurring. Whether you are after a men’s digital watch or a more classic style, there is one for every look out there.

Remember, A cool watch is a great statement and a touch of class.It will always add the finishing touch to any outfit.


A hat or cap, or snapback hat are great ways to introduce a bit of color and texture to your style.

Many of you will probably be thinking that a beanie is just far too informal and scruffy looking, so, that is where the trusty cap comes in.

Caps are a great alternative to snapback hats and will take you out of 2011 and into 2017 instantly. This pink suede cap from The Idle Man is a top option to tackling the hat trend.

Modern, sleek and stylish, it will work with a variety of looks and colors and will slot into your wardrobe with ease.

Men, do not forget to buy original Hats, stop doing fake, faded hats that makes you resemble your great fathers.


Ask your girlfriend how many shoes are essential to her wardrobe, and you will likely get a triple-digit response. For guys, the answer can fit on one hand. Each man should own at least five pairs of shoes. Every event in your life will fit a particular pair of shoe.