Akothee, a singer and single mum has now revealed why she is not married….MEN….are the real problem to her.

The Benefactor hit maker has recently posted a message to Kenyan men saying she would be impatient keeping up with any ‘crap’ from men. She goes ahead to describe how men disgust her saying most men that have dated her before say she is ‘spoilt’ and would later dump them like smelly garbage.


Mishi Dora Throws Shade At Akothee, Claims She Wants Rayvanny

“well , I really wonder if there are still real men left out there, good enough to date, from my small research, women are still crying even in their wedding rings! & you wonder why I refuse to get married! I just ask myself what that marriage will bring on the table! divorce papers? because am too impatient to keep up with crap especially from men! I dump you like a hot pan.”

What Will Marriage Bring To The Table?’ Akothee Reveals Why She Will Never Get Married


Akothee’s male fans did not leave it there as they went ham on the mother of 5;

[email protected]_mapili: I don’t think u are learned to understand a simple illustration.. where did u see me cursing? I said the truth and nothing but the truth. U women needs to amend ur ways, civilization has made u people to disrespect men and now flexing muscles with men.. i pity all u women I swear.. western life style has done a lot of harm than good on u African women

dykelus: So what? Keep your bile to yourself gal. Some of us cannot allow the past to dictate our lives. You’ve had kids with different men, all of whom you’ve separated with … Don’t you think YOU are the problem? And not your long list of “unreal” exes?

mgoyagram: Your are spoiling ladies out there who are poor and want to get married. Wewe uliangukia sponsor ukapata pesa…give them space for marriage is a God given gift

jkimaiga: Were you not single ndio ukazaa, mlikuwa wawili but due to disagreement mkaseperate that is why u are single

the_scholar_me: Akothee you don’t have a heart hahaha who bewitched you?

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