It would seem Kenyan celebrities keep joining the Mercedes Benz club. Last week, we spoke about Willis Raburu and the sleek Mercedes he was modelling next to his:

Mercedes Flex: Willis Raburu shows off sleek car

Otile Brown has one, DJ Hypnotiq has one and so does Willy Paul. I am genuinely beginning to think I joined the wrong line of work! The vehicles I am yammering on about are actually some dope Mercedes Benzes and you can understand why Daddy Owen decided to show his off.

It was accompanied by a simple caption that actually came off as a try-hard move.

Sijaanzisha church bado….my body is the temple of God.. His favour is upon me.. His Grace is sufficient.. am not better than anyone.

This I feel is the same equivalent as the lasses who post photos of their derriere with a Bible quote acting like the two are connected. You think not? Check out the photo of what he posted:

Then again, this is just a weird flex but a flex none the less.