Willis Raburu, the Citizen TV personality who also hosts the show Ten over Ten has been busy these past few days, weeks and even months.

The tubby fella who could literally validate the nickname Teletubby has been hitting the gm and he even swears by it saying it has allowed him to shed some weight and also get more confident about his body. Muh body positivity!

But this not about his gym journey, although I want to honestly encourage him to be the best version of himself that can ever be. This is about a sleek Mercedes Benz he was posted up next to.

Tracy Morgan spotted in Rolls Royce days after Bugatti accident

Perhaps it was a loner, perhaps it is his daily carriage. Whatever the case may be, he looked pretty dope posted up next to the vehicle.

Check him out below:

A big vehicle for a big man with big pockets.