Nadia Mukami has hit 2020 running with an initiative to help herself and her fans save and manage finances properly.

The initiative has been going on for about eight weeks now.

She dropped gems this week after being inspired  by a book she has been reading over and over again.

She shared a video on her Instagram page giving her fans a journey into who has held her hand through her financial journey and the steps towards slaying their debts.

Nadia Mukami’s personal style proves she knows exactly what she’s doing


Welcome to our ‘Online Chama!’ In this episode, Nadia Mukami tackles how to deal with debts.
This includes:

1. Acknowledge the total amount of your debt by making a list
2.Set a repayment schedule that includes how much you owe each person.

3.Prioritise your debts

4.Set deadlines for each loan

5.Decide how you decide to raise the loan

6.Think about the triggers that led you into debt in the first place and try to eliminate it.

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The famous singer has had a lot going for her. One of her songs hit 3.2 million views on youtube which is quite a big step, while she has been hitting the gym too. Looks like she is headed for the ideal body type.