‘Si we kunywa and enjoy the night’ King kaka really did a number on Millennials with this line.

Millennials and especially Nairobians do not see holidays for what they are supposed to be. You know like shujaa day, when we are supposed to celebrate heroes in Kenya or Christmas day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

As millennials, all we (I speak as a millennial) holidays are meant to self-treat. We call it ‘kuambia mwili pole’.

Tomorrow is no different. Moi has actually provided a day in the middle of the week for clubs to make some money.

A holiday means no school, no work, and no commitment.

For Millenials, the holiday begins today night. plus, it will quite an easy task to give an excuse for drinking and wasting away

‘si we go celebrate/mourn Moi’s life/death’

Funny bit of it, they know nothing about Moi’s time as a president, perhaps ‘maziwa ya nyayo’ well. Because it has been talked about so much in the past week, they feel like they can relate.

Now you know, for Millenials, public holidays are all about drinks, parties and wasting away. and do not forget, nursing a haul of a hangover the following day.

Party easy, remember, there is a life after the holiday is over.