Mimi Mars has denied that she was behind the breakup of Jux and her elder sister Vanessa Mdee.

While responding to a question from one of Wasafi FM presenter, Mimi Mars refuted the allegations as mere fabrications.

She said,

“No, the two break up all the time. Why would I get in between the two? How can I be the cause? I have no say in their relationship. It doesn’t concern me at all. Those allegations are a hundred percent false,”

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Reports that Jux and Mdee were no longer seeing eye to eye cropped up a month ago.

This was after Jux posted a video on his Instagram page of a lady singing along to his new song titled Incase You Don’t Know featuring Kenyan musician Nyashinski.

A move that saw Mdee respond to the singer’s post with, “Your type”.

Immediately, speculation caught fire that he was cheating, this forced the singer to defend himself on his Insta stories.

He wrote,

“Sio kila msichana ninaye mpost kusuport kazi zangu ni msichana wangu. Nawapost kwa sababu wanaonyesha upendo tu akuna ata msichana mmoja niliye mpost nina mahusiano naye. No one stop what you are doing.” 

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