Over the weekend, Miss Mandi found herself in a a rather uncomfortable position after she was harshly trolled for over exposing her chest.

She was bashed for over exposing her boobs, with some telling her that she should have dressed more decently like the people who were in the same room as her.

Here are some of the comments;

Gikonyo: Did that lady even take time to look at herself.

Mathew: Even team mafisi can look at the cleavage twice! Embarrassed of this lady! Tell her to go dress up!

Maina: In a show of might….oh sorry show of mammary glands. one  would understand if this was a brookside event.decency people! decency!

Gary: Izo nyonyo zimeanguka kuliko bei ya unga jo

Fred: Just wondering how the lady with a wardrobe malfunction is helping to promote your corporate image

Brian: I think this boobs woman is out of place, I mean look at the other beautiful ladies and gentlemen, they are so decent and well collected! It’s good to be different but not this way…

Daniel: That lady looks like she just got out of bed or was walking to the shower just before this picture was taken..

But even with the backlash she received, there were other people who defended her, saying that she’s entitled to dress however she wants because it’s her body.

Well, Miss Mandi took to social media to thank all those who stood by her during the tough period.

She wrote, “Good morning, to all the women who have showed me love in the past 48hours, may you have an amazing week full of blessings. Thank you.”

She also had special for the gents, “To the fellas who took their time to educate some of these men who are caught up on group think about women’s bodies, y’all are gems. Thank you as well.”

In the midst of being grateful, she offered some good advice to the ladies saying, “Ladies, men will say & do anything to try & control us. Don’t fall for that bs. Do you, be the fabulous slay queen that you are. I mean you’re a queen & you gotta slay.”

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