John De Mathew was a favourite to any and everyone.

Kenyans woke up to the sad news of his demise after a grisly road accident. The musician popular for his Kikuyu music hits was pronounced dead at the Thika Nursing Home following the accident new Blue Post in Thika.

According to Gatanga MP Nduati Ngugi, DeMathew had attended a Harambee in support of fellow musician Peter Kigia.

KOT have been sending in their messages of condolences to him. One thing that is evident is he was a man of the people. It does not matter which tribe or religion, he had friends all over. His music was in Kikuyu but he managed to get a large fan base eve from non-Kikuyus.

John De Mathew will be remembered for his many prophetic songs. He sang a song where he sent a warning that Central region will be a town of drunkards and so we must take care and that came to be. Though the government is working towards curbing the problem.

Another one of his famous songs, Mbeu Njithi and Arume Kwina Mbu where he was crying for the boychild.

boychild is in trouble. He is everything from the breadwinner to the supporter yet he is the one being frustrated.

He also prophesied that there will be a time where the deaths of the youth will be too much either through suicide of accidents. As from 2017, so many youths have been committing suicide.

Veteran Kikuyu folk singer John De Matthew dies in grisly accident (PHOTOS)

John De Mathew also sent out a warning that central will be an area that will be affected by alcoholism and it came to be.

when the Kikuyu finally start listening to him is when he will stop singing. The youth are drinking too much and it’s cheap alcohol. Alcohol is being made by the rich and it’s being sold to the poor. Rich PEOPLE SHOULD STOP KILLING THE POOR

After this song is when the government decided to try and curb alcoholism especially in Kiambu county.

Here is his famous song to the BoyChild:

Arume Kwina Mbu- John De’ Mathew

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