Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o says she likes scaring people and her mother, Dorothy, is not an exception.

Lupita is featuring the latest movie and her parents accompanied their daughter to the “Us” premiere.

“My mom was terrified watching this film. In fact, she watched with her eyes and ears closed so she hasn’t really seen it,” Lupita told American press.

“When she came from Kenya, I made sure I scared her. I lay in front of her bed before she got to bed and I got up like ‘Are you looking for me?’. She was so scared.”

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Fans know Lupita Nyong’o from Black Panther but the Oscar winner is taking on a new movie genre in the horror film, Us.

Lupita and her co-star Winston Duke are being terrorized by a family that looks just like them. Lupita, therefore, acts in two different roles at the same time. She credited her mother in particular for her self-confidence and supporting her talent.

“She’s dignified in the things she knows, and she’s dignified in the things she doesn’t,” Lupita praised her mum, Dorothy.

“She’s not afraid to admit that she has something to learn.  And that quality is something that I seek to emulate to be able to be comfortable in the discomfort of not knowing, or the feeling that you’re unprepared.”

Us is only Lupita’s fourth live-action appearance in a film since her debut.

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