Former Miss World Kenya (2015) Charity Mwangi has bagged a super lucrative endorsement deal with a cosmetic brand.

Charity is the new face of the Mentholatum Acnes and will champion the brand’s marketing and social responsibility activities across Kenya.

“I am excited to get this opportunity to champion this brand since it gives me a chance to encourage and inspire young girls into success using my story,” Charity said.

She added: “The Mentholatum Acnes brand provides a platform through which I can reach out to as many young women and guide them on many aspects of life, drawing from my experience as a beauty queen and as an entrepreneur.”

The former Miss World Kenya is a successful entrepreneur, born and raised in Kiambu. She is a graduate of Kenyatta Univeristy, where she studied Agricultural Resource Management.

“The reality of acne can be uncomfortable and even painful. It leaves scars and destroys a girl’s confidence, eventually hampering career progression and growth,” Charity explained.

“Most people have had to deal with acne at some point in life. The mental part of dealing with acne is something many people can relate to, and in most cases leads to low levels of confidence,”remarked Ms. Fumiko Akojima; Rohto Mentholatum (K) Ltd’s Managing Director.

According to dermatological experts, Acne/pimples occur when sebaceous glands become overactive and produce too much sebum (an oily substance that keeps skin from drying out).

Excessive sebum together with dead cells can block the skin pores and create a perfect environment for acne bacteria multiplication to cause inflamed and pus-filled pimples. Common areas affected by acne include the face, neck, chest, shoulders, and back. Acne is more common among teenagers but it can also occur during adulthood.