Zari Hassan is concerned about Tanasha.

As weird as it seems they say we learn best through experience and according to Zari, Diamond is a deadbeat father which might be a problem for Ms. Donna.

During an Instagram life recording, she was asked to comment on Tanasha’s pregnancy and she had quite a lot to say. A bit of shade-throwing but with ‘love’ and concern.

She was worried that Diamond’s fiancè has placed her priorities the wrong way. Diamond’s story is out here that he barely if ever spends time with his children -according to his baby mamas- and so what makes Tanasha think things will be different this time?

Somebody is saying Tanasha is pregnant this comment keeps running you know. It’s cool, it’s beautiful to be pregnant, and it’s a beautiful thing. But it’s also one thing when you have to give birth to a deadbeat of three you know. So, it leaves me questioning where your priorities are but you know what, congratulations.

The one thing Zari is advising Tanasha in this new stage of her life is to make sure she has her own money because,

I really hope you have enough money in the bank to take care of this child you know coz he is who he is

This is not the first time Tanasha has heard these words. Hee! Kenyan fans have been telling her these words day-in-day-out even before she was pregnant. They kept telling her to keep off Diamond because his reputation out here is not all rosy.

She has constantly told people to keep off her business because she knows Diamond loves her and she loves him too -very much for that matter.

‘I see you get back to your old habits’ Zari warns Tanasha against Diamond

Zari has moved on and is happy with her new life away from Diamond. She announced she is set to get married on the 18th of July, eleven days after Tanasha and Mama Diamonds birthday bash: The day fans on social media think Tanasha will say ‘ I do’.

I’m about to get married and me and my fiancé are thinking of Nelson Mandela Day because it will be a very beautiful day to remember our marriage because Nelson Mandela did a lot for Africa not just South Africa. So i’m official gonna get married on Nelson Mandela Day

Let’s wait and see what July holds for these love triangle.

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