Alikiba and his brother Abdu Kiba might just be single men after the fall out of their wives with the Kiba’s mother.

During Abdu Kiba’s child’s birthday, The Kiba’s mother invited the brother’s exes to the party and of course, the wives did not take it lightly.

Ali Kiba’s wife, Amina Khalef, found herself in a bit of a fix when she had to entertain the women with whom her husband has children with.

According to Tanzania blogs, Ali Kiba’s mother is what we call ‘mother in law from hell’. She does not relate well with her daughter’s in law and that has cost her sons their loving wives.

Apparently, Ali and Abdu Kiba are single.

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The drama that transpired during the party was the icing on the cake. The family has been going through a lot of drama. Ali Kiba his extended family and his wife all live in one mansion and according to the blogs Amina is done with that life.

She wants the house to be with just the two of them and so the rest of the family should be chased out but Ali Kiba’s mother is not going to leave and that is where all the drama began.

Amina and Abdu Kiba’s wife were both done with the apparent drama the mother has and they have left the marriage because of their mother in law.

The Kiba’s sister has spoken and told the haters to stop it with the ill talk yet they do now know what is going on.

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