Avril proved that she is a good gifter and a kind lover.

She was the guest on Ronoh’s youtube channel where they were reading comments of her fans on the stupid things they have done for love.

Some of the comments were really dumb but Avril said we all have to go through such things when it comes to love.

It was at this sit down that Avril revealed the most expensive gift she has ever given a man she loves, admitting it was a very expensive smartwatch.

“a smartwatch that cost about 50,000 it gets to a point you grow from boxers and socks and graduate to such gifts” Avril said

J Blessing also has a smartwatch and he was dating Avril once upon a time but I am not saying she bought him the one he rocks.

Avril went on revealing more about her dating life. She confessed that no date has ever stood her up. For some like Ronoh, it is the story of her life.

I’ve never been stood up but I’ve stood someone up

The other strong advice she left for lasses is to never fight for a man.

‘I fell in love with the devil’ Avril Lavigne upsets fans

“We crave attention and these guys never get it so we have to force it. I have faked a disease to get attention. But never ever get into a fight with chic for a dude. If that is what she is what he wants then by all means” She added

It’s been a while since Avril was interviewed in the midst of all the drama going on in her life. So this sitting gave us a bit of an insight into her life, something we had missed.

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