Kenyan fans love Mr. Eazi, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy and Wiz Kid. And that love is translating to big payout for the artistes.

In the case a promoter or organizer announces any of these artistes or any other international act coming to Kenya, the tickets are usually sold out by the second week no matter the price.

Kenyans enjoy Nigeria music and even despite all the PlayKenyanMusic debate, it has never stopped them from having a large audience.

In an interview with Okay Africa,Mr Eazi confessed that even his newest project, he did not launch it in Nigeria.

He made sure he went big in East Africa because the people around there are more receptive to his vibe.

When we dropped this new project (Life Is Eazi Vol. 2: Lagos To London), the first place I went after the listening party was East Africa. We didn’t even come to Nigeria. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania. We’re not just waking up and saying ‘we are going to East Africa’. It was deliberate. We thought to ourselves, ‘where is the most receptive place for music in Africa?’

Reality has hit home after Mr Eazi talked of the amount of money East Africa paid him, specifically Kenya that he cannot get in his own country, Nigeria.

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East Africa is arguably the most receptive spot for music. In East Africa, they listen to hip-hop, they listen to their local music, they also listen to music from the West of Africa, they listen to pop. So in recent times, asides from when I do festivals or branded shows in the UK or wherever—nobody is going to pay you $100,000 in Nigeria to do a show, or even $60k to come and jump on stage for a set. But you can easily get that money by walking into Kenya or walking into Gambia. 

Mr Eazi in Nairobi

Kenyan artistes will definitely not like the sound of this because they have been struggling to make ends meet as an artiste. This worsens the situation since they do not get paid the same amount for  performances either.

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