Mr Seed Nimo Gachuiri

Gospel singer Mr Seed has just come from justifying a ‘very naughty video where he is licking his fiancée, Nimo Gachuiri.

Now, Nimo has to explain to her very observant fans why she is wearing frumpy clothes.

Mr Seed was taken to task by a fan who did not think it was appropriate to post the salacious video.

A fan, Dola Daniel told off Mr Seed.

“Hizi ndizo tabia hurudisha Mr Seed nyuma keep somethings to yourself. Change and be a man of God not a man of ladies and love this is not gospel munatuchafuliya jina. I’m not focusing on your business but just telling you the truth unakumbuka ukivaa uniform ya black na white hapo karibu na huruma ground secondary so juwa nakujuwa vipowa sana.”

Watch it below:

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Gospel artistes however, threw their support behind Mr Seed.

holydavemuthengi wrote, “Relationship goals…”

While kriskims added, “@dola.daniel lakini shida yako iko wapi hapa ? wewe si mungu let him do as he wants to do! ata yeye ni human .. some people ama ni wivu inakumess?”

Mr Seed responded to Dola saying, “Are they your sisters??? coz I think you crazy coz you don’t know what you are talking about… Nyinyi ndio wale watu wakueneza stories za uongo ndio mtu akae vibaya… May God have mercy on you .. Nitakuombea you focus on your life uwache kujiingiza kwa other people’s business.”

Adding, “You are seriously getting on my nerves😡😡.. Wacha nikunyamazie ndio nisikosee Mungu wangu napia nisikikukosee juu hautapenda… God bless you ✌✌.”

In other news, Mr Seed’s fiancée, Nimo Gachuiri is also fighting her own battles. Fans are asking her, why she dresses like she is hiding a baby bump.

“Mnataka ni tembee uchi? (Do you want me to walk around naked, instead?)”

Adding, “You will all know when it is time to know. Mtoto Hafichiki (You cannot hide a baby)”

The couple is set to tie the knot soon, Nimo said, “Msijali kutakuwa na representatives na hamuwezi kula mchele nyinyi wote. (Not to worry, there will be representatives because not all of you can attend the wedding.”

To celebrate Mr Seed, Nimo made a very public confession “I am not perfect, I make mistakes. I may have jealousy issues and I can be moody sometimes. But I promise you that if I say I love you, I really mean it, so love me back like you mean it ❤️.”

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