Mr seed, the gospel artist and his wife Nimo are mourning the death of a loved one.

Nimo shared the news with her fans, saying they are choosing to celebrate a life well lived.

This sad news comes just a few hours after Mr. seed dropped his latest hit ‘ kwa hao’. The hit song has been appreciated by most of Mr. seed’s fans who compared it to Bahati’s latest song ‘taniua’.

Mr. Seed’s wife, Nimo, did not mention for how long their grandma lived, but just looking at the pictures she must have lived to her ripe ages and it is a life worth celebrating.

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A while back, Nimo expressed her excitement for having her grandmother attend her wedding with Mr. Seed.

My great grandmother was so happy 😂😂 alisema Leo tunaolewa na wewe! Such a blessing nana’

A marriage that has since been worked on smoothly despite a scandal of Mr. seed alleged cheating case.

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