It appears that someone sometime back tried to put down Mr Seed, and referred to him as a ‘useless’ person.

Mr Seed revealed this troubling moment recently.

He took to social media to speak about it saying

”Let no one tell you that you can’t do it…. Someone somewhere said that I was useless ..but GOD saw something different… Thank you HURUMA.. IT WAS A SUCCESS.. GLORY TO GOD ABOVE 🙏🙏YA’ll came out to see what GOD IS DOING IN MY LIFE.. I LOVE YOU so much ❤❤”.

Mr seed’s wife Nimo Gachuiri has penned down an encouraging message to him, to perhaps respond to his comments about being made to feel not good enough.

She also mentioned the struggle they went through before God answered their prayer.

”see this picture babe and remember all the low moments in your life , I remember the many times you questioned God for taking too long , for letting you go through the hustle and struggle, for not seeing light but we kept believing and hoping things will one day work!Mr seed the prayers we’ve prayed for years are getting answered 🙏 he is truly a God of all seasons, YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW 🙏🙏 Iam still in shock 🙏😭 always been your number 1 fan and supporter 🙏 PROUD OF YOU AND SINCERELY GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY”. 

Her message was made after a thanks giving concert that was held at Huruma primary school ground where Mr Seed  went to school.

The concert was graced by gospel artist like Mojishortibabaa,Size 8, Willy Paul and Timeless noel