“I don’t care on what haters talk behind my back…”

Watajuwa Hawajui Kale Queen Msupa S has been on the low key for a while now after her last release I Dont Care.

Yesterday, she resurfaced on Twitter, to address rumors on her alleged pregnancy.

She goes ahead to state claims of having been impregnated by her producer are false news however, when she will be expecting a baby she will be more than pleased to share the news with her fans.

On Wednesday morning, she posted on Instagram addressing the trolls with a flat tummy image attached.

“Let me make it clear for those who think I am pregnant I am soo sory but I am not!!! Before u open your smelly mouth be carefull,ati msupa s amenda ushago juu ako na ball plz ulinieka ball enyewe”

Message totally delivered however, Kenyans won’t let her case slide that easily.

Her earlier tweet addressing the same, generated a lot of criticism especially towards her Grammar. Some include;

Kane Eddy…Tell them to go and listen to Unai Emiry, Arsenal’s coach and they’ll come to realise that English is nothing! No one, black or white owe anyone proper English. English is not a barometer on intelligence.

Mkale Fulani….Now i know why wakale si hupenda kuoana wenyewe kwa wenyewe. Ndo tusiongee kizungu😂😂.

babra ayra…Hey girl, you owe no one perfect English.

K E Y M A R™…Ok madam S , as long we can help on that please make use of ‘auto correct’

Otherwise we good🙏

kibe_hum…Tumia kikale tutaelewa tu sis

puffer_denkip….okay to begin with, what’s your education level?

However, Msupa S did not let all the negativity slide, she responded. Stating she will stick to English only, as she wants to learn it more and urges people to stop abusing her but instead correct her.
Girl seems willing to learn!!
She continues;

 ‘I Don’t Care’ on what haters talk behind my back. In real sense I care abaot you all my fans. I love you so much. Those who’re busy giving negative views abaot my brocken English please chenge and help me know. Correct me and will appreciate.”

On another tweet, she stated her plans to enrol in school.

Msupa S
Msupa S

Nothing but best wishes from us.