Msupa S

Rapper Msupa S says she has forgiven her boyfriend who exposed her salacious photos on social media.

“I don’t not like breaking up with my ex-boyfriend although he exposed me so much. We have a child together who is five years and that is why I still want to keep him as my man,” Msupa S told Adelle and Shaffie on Kiss FM’s Breakfast With The Stars.

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A few months ago, she was in the eye of the storm after her manager, also her boyfriend posted photos that painted her brand in a bad light.

In one of the photos, she is seen kissing an unidentified man.

“I had requested him to keep our relationship low key but his fears were that I would dump him. I trusted him so much and gave him even my password,” she said.

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She left him with her phone and he happened to read a conversation which triggered him.

“I was so faithful to him so I was not hiding anything from him and he happened to read a conversation I had with Willy M Tuva where he wanted to link me up with Weezdom, who wanted to work with me in my next project,” she said.

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