Celebrities celebrated their mother figure in their lives with heartwarming messages.
Bahati unveiled her baby’s face as well during mothers day. Well, before getting married to Diana Marua, the singer had a baby with Yvette Obura called Mueni who is in public as well.
Bahati celebrated her for being the mother to her first daughter.
In an interview with Chito Ndhlovu, Bahati said that his daughter Mueni is his first blessing adding that it is Diana Marua who introduced her to the public for the first time.
Baby Yvanna Mueni Bahati
Baby Yvanna Mueni Bahati with dad
How did Bahati break the news to Diana that he had a baby mama somewhere?

“I think the only thing yenye ilinisaidia kutoka kwa hii ngori ni the first time I met her na nikajua she is the one I gonna marry, I had to let her at least know me.

I had to try and open up about my past life, tell her some of the things I have achieved, and those I felt I might have failed.

You know most of the guys, when we meet ladies, we only tell them about the good part of us, but we do not speak about the things we feel hatukufanya the right way.”

Bahati goes ahead saying that most lessons and most of them are blessings and not failures.

“Zingine ata si failure, ni lessons and most of the lesson zinakujanga na blessings. For me, Mueni is a blessing in my life.

The issue about her ilikam ikakua kubwa sana vile nilimpeleka kwa public. Sikumpeleka kwa public ivo tu, the first person I consulted was Diana, nikamwambia it is high time Mueni ajulikane na public.

She is my daughter na siwezi kuanga nimemficha like I am not proud of her. So ata tukienda photo shoot, I wpould carry her and of course with Diana.

She used to call Diana mum in all thiose functions because she played a role as a mum. Hii story ilitokea vile alimpost but yeye alikua amekubali the daughter is ours.”

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