Vera Sidika announced that she is now more than ready to finally have a baby.

According to the socialite, she has realized that life is short probably thanks to Covid-19 and she stated that she is ready to make a baby if she survives the pandemic.

Talk of post quarantine resolutions!

Through her Instagram feed, Vera who posted a video of her holding a baby, captioned it;

“I miss my baby šŸ˜¢šŸ˜«šŸ˜­. If I survive this Covid19 Iā€™m definitely making a baby šŸ˜ Life is too short šŸ¤­”

The video opened a floodgate of men offering to fertilize her eggs, with comedian Mulamwah ready to risk it all to win the race.

Mulamwah commented; ‘Am ready ‘

As expected, the comedian attracted a wide range of reactions from Vera’s fans, with some encouraging him to give it a shot.

However, some ridiculed him, stating how minimal his chances are with the voluptuous businesswoman.

Below are some of the feedbacks Mulamwah took home:

Moran : Hataki mtu kichwa inakaa Ile kobole ya moi

Naomy : Mulamwah you never disappoint

Caroline : Yes brother go for it

Kari : Unataka kupelekwa Disney šŸ˜‚

Nyambu; Am sorry but @queenveebosset hataki watoto weusi

Check out Vera’s post below.