Adelle Onyango is always open to talk about her late mother. She has confessed before that it was pretty hard for her to talk about her without shedding tears. But she is strong now and is even running her first clothing line that is dedicated to her late mother.

Adelle Onyango/ Courtesy

2 years ago I had the idea of designing a capsule collection in honour of my late mum, Mary Anyango Onyango. A powerful, limitless and strong woman.

A collection of timeless pieces that would bring attributes of my late mum to life. So I collaborated with 4 creatives to achieve this and over the next 4 weeks we will reveal one item and one creative per week,” she explained.

Adelle Onyango Unleashes The Second Piece Off Her Clothing Line And It’s All About Strength

Taking to social media, Adelle shared her mum’s favourite drink stating that she loved tea and could take it anytime of the day.

Adelle Onyango/ Courtesy

She wrote, “Mummy could drink TEA all day everyday! Even in this drought I’m sure she’d be sippin tea! Before and after dinner – TEA!
I only really have tea when in shagz!
However the sweetest tea is always in these chuma mugs right?”

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