Have you ever wondered what kind of music some of our Kenyan artist would produce if they were to colabo? The artistes in this list have not made music together, but we think they would make good music together.

They brign to the game their individual talent, and we can bet our last coin their collabo’s will be one to be talked in the lifetime, Check out my list and tell us if it’s a yes or nah.

Wahu and Amani

They were pioneers in the RnB genre, and have now turned gospel musicians. We would love to see them hit the studio together, and surprise Kenyan fans.

Octoppizo and Khaligraph


Long time nemesis’ have sworn to Kenyans that they have put aside their beef, and turned over a new leaf. Maybe the infamous handshake had something to do with it?

Even Prezzo and Jaguar have since collabo’d, so why not these two.

Nameless and Wahu

Again Wahu had to be mentioned but this time along her hubby. They are considered the Kenyan power couple who only featured in each others music, but just a bit. Like Beyonce and Jayz, Wahu and Nameless should at one point consider working together for their fans.

Sosuun and Kush Tracy

Kush Tracey

They are both queens in their own right. Sosuun –  the queen in grandpa record and Kush Tracy the voice of Big dreams record – would leave tongues wagging for days if they worked together.They both  have that fascinating vibe on stage and the killer skills they have in rapping.

Rufftone and Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen and Rufftone

Who would not like to see brothers working together?They are each strong individually and are on top of the Gospel industry, and we are hopeful they can produce a single that will make one sing it like a national anthem.

Jaguar and Akothee

They are both rich and love to flaunt. We would love to see them show off in a classy music video. Their grass to grace stories have earned them the right to brag. In fact that will be a wake up call to lazy people, what one can achieve through hard work.

Are there any artist missing in the list who you think should work together? Drop your comments below.