Nameless latest single INSPIRE is an interesting blend of afro-pop and dancehall.

The singer has revealed that the chorus of the song was inspired by a visit to Oloitoktok a year ago. Anyone who has visited the area knows how romantic the scenery appears.

Well, he translated his awe of this beautiful scenery into a love song for an African beauty. The song is about a passionate love that inspires the heart, mind, body and soul.

Here are reactions by his fans on social media. You can also view the song below.

good way to go.sisi watu wa fb ulikuwa umetukausha sana.

this song is 101%hit

🎶.....and when you move in circles,ring proposal,make me want to get on my knee...........🎶

Baby you inspire me ...inspire me ...inspire me .......penda this line ....nameless I salute you

Respect your elders...I started singing when you were still in your diapers...I salute you mahn. .I'm on my way to towards you..Jah bless

You still the elder… inspire is a hit than diamond and tiwa"s new song

tuko ndani na Inspire,the song is lit good work

deals is done my friend Bible ni njia ya wokovu na inajulisha mtu siri ya wokovu

Manze I never get tired of watching this video.... Don't you ever retire sir

Make me go on my knees,,You got the african sauce babie..Can listen to it over and over again..Good lyrics

I just love your songs. Lyrics to listen to, tunes to dance along ,inspiring and many more. Talented and blessed you are.

Inspire iko juu mtu wangu mkiendelea hivo ata arena 234 wataskiza ngoma zetu boss

U inspire my heart,,my body take over my mind and you captivating my soul..inspire me

Nimezurai..Umeniwai give me some of what your serving please,,,

  Always my best since enzi za bumba train na mega rider...sinzia n many more..uko fyam!!