Music streaming service Songa by Safaricom has changed the game as it is the gateway to over two millions of songs at any moment.

This aspect has been made that much more easier with the relaunch of the app with a more affordable rate of Ksh 5 a day that allows you unlimited music downloads that will be streamed in-app. This saves you the hustle of spending more money on bundles.

Songa Music's General Manager Chinasa Udeala told , "Imagine having to collect and compile hundreds of CD’s on your shelf as used to be the case? Think about arranging all those MP3 files on a flash drive or in your computer, or even worse have those files take up those precious space in your mobile device?

Using a music streaming service like Songa by Safaricom means access to a vast catalog of millions of songs at any one moment. However, these tracks are stored on the cloud and all your are really subscribing to is access to them."

Chinasa continued, "Music consumption have shifted from ownership to access - the trend shows that consumers have no need for bulky CDS, Mp3’s on flash disks or computers which may mean loss of your precious files if the storage device is corrupted or if the CD is scratched or damaged. Now your favourite tracks are stored in the cloud in perpetuity for easy access or as long as you have a subscription.

"It could be said that the world is experiencing a very African moment in music. We are consuming and creating more music than ever before. Wizkid in Nigeria can release a new song online or in app at 12:00 and by 12:05 a kid in Kenya has the track streaming via an app on his phone."

Chinasa added, "Unlike 20 years ago, armed with a good music video, internet bundles and some simple online marketing strategy an artist in Kenya can reach the African continent and indeed the world with his or her music. Streaming is a disruptive technology just like flash disks where to floppy disks and DVD’S to Online on demand video service, streaming is to MP3 downloads."

He concluded, "Streaming will eventually be the standard for audio and video consumption all over the world. the days of CD’s and MP3 downloads are already becoming a faded out memory."