It may kill many haters to admit it, but Willy Paul and Samantha do look all sorts of glamorous.

From gospel to secular or is it mixology of the two, Willy Paul's life is in the studio seeking collabo after collabo.

He has blest the interwebs with stunning photos hanging out with sassy Jamaican artist Samantha J as they are working on a track. From the photos, we can imagine the visuals of the video.

Are we or are we not waiting to see what's cooking ?

A while back, critics stated his image with thy lass was photoshopped. Ooh Boy they can't say a word no more. It's more of photos and a track I'd say Willy Pozze is in possession.

From his Instagram posts, he goes ahead to caption.

Let's take our music to the Next level..

One day everyone will look back and say, " THE NIGGA TOOK A RISK TO GET THERE "

If I were you, I'd go check out the comments sections on his resent . Be the judge.

But the anticipation for what's about to drop is high up and we can't wait.