Otile Brown has been galavanting across the globe but not for giggles, he has been hard at work. One week he is in Australia, another he is in the Netherlands. This week sees him grace Tanzania. Touring is a gruelling aspect of an artistes' life.

Most of us laymen see Otile's life and long for it, thinking it is a jet setting one but we do not see the training; both vocal and otherwise, and the choreography and assume that it would be a sinch.


Are you familiar with the Dunning-Kruger effect? No? Well then gather around and allow me to school you. It is a learning bias that makes most people who know very little about a topic believe they are (or could be) brilliant at it. Think about the know it all in your Algebra class or that colleague who happens to believe they know how to do your job or understand your situation better than they really do.

It is something of a similar situation for us music fans when we see artistes pursue their craft. Otile got back to Kenya and went straight for a video shoot:


Then from there, he was off to Naivasha for a club performance. And from there he went out to Europe and he did an extensive tour, running through Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna -you get the drift aye?

This is not light work.